Saint Guru Ravidas Biography – Indian Poet

Saint Guru Ravidas Biography – Indian Poet

Guru Ravidas Biography – In India Guru Ravidas is considered a great saint, poet. Today, a huge temple is located on his birthplace. On the occasion of his birth anniversary, there is a three-day festival. His mother’s name was Kalasa Devi and the father’s name was Santokh Das.

Saint Guru Ravidas

Saint Guru Ravidas was born in 1377. Ravidas was born on the full moon day of Magha month. And this day our birth anniversary is celebrated in our country. Ravidas is also called a guru of Meera. Many stories mention that they saved Mira’s life many times.

People believe that Sant Ravidas had special achievements. Once in his childhood, one of his friends died. Everyone was Mourning of it. But as soon as Ramdas called his friend, He got back alive

Youth, Ravidas was a unique nature and Always keep talking to the truth speakers. But Ravi Das’s father was dissatisfied with Ravidas and because of his tendency to offer all his things in the service of Saint, his father expelled him from the house. Whatever happens, Ravidas remained a monk, There was no meaning in the world.

Last Word

Ravidas had no faith in idol worship and pilgrimage. He considered the internal feelings of the person as religion. Ravidas has used the basic Braj language in his writings. On the full moon day of the month of Magh Month with joy, the birth anniversary of Ravidas is celebrated on Magh Purnima. On this special day, it is the practice of procession with mantras in the Aarti program. it is the practice of procession with mantras in the Aarti program. Doha is sung in the temple. The followers of Ravidas and devotees also go to the Ganga-bath on their birthday And worship the image made in the house or temple.

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