Actress Madhubala Biography – Greatest Actress of India

Actress Madhubala Biography – Greatest Actress of India

Madhubala has made an incredible Role to the Indian film industry. Madhubala was the greatest actress of Indian cinema. Today we will tell you about the biography of Indian actress Madhubala. Madhubala childhood name was Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi, So let’s know in detail About Actress Madhubala Biography.

Actress Madhubala Biography

The full name of Madhubala’s childhood was ‘Begum Mumtaz Jehan Dehlawi’. Madhubala was the fourth child of his parents. Madhubala was born on February 14, 1933, in the Muslim family. Madhubala’s father’s name was Ataullah Khan.

As a child artist Madhubala entered the Indian film industry, she was known as Baby Mumtaz. It is believed that a predictor said that Mumtaz would earn a lot of fame and money.

Enter Bollywood

As a child artist Madhubala entered the Indian film industry, she was known as Baby Mumtaz. Mumtaz performed superbly in his first film Basant. Seeing whom Devika Rani was surprised by her talent and change her name to Madhubala.

Relation with Dilip Kumar

Madhubala and Dilip Kumar got the opportunity to join each other in the movie Jwarbata. He was attracted to Dilip Kumar in his mind. And she began to love him. It is also said that Madhubala once sent a letter to him with a flower. Dilip Kumar responded instinctively. And Madhubala wanted to marry him, but Dilip Kumar did not pay much attention to it and got married to someone else.

Married with Kishore Kumar

Madhubala received a proposal from three different people for marriage. But Madhubala chose Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar was a divorced person. They married in 1960.


Madhubala was suffering from cardiovascular disease, which was detected in the health check-up in 1950. Sometimes his health was badly damaged on the set of films. When he went to London for medical treatment, the doctors refused to do the surgery because he feared that he would die during surgery. He spent the last 9 years of his life on the bed. On February 23, 1969, he died due to illness.

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